Monday, September 26, 2011

Rings (tried and failed to think of a catchy title)

There is something I find incredibly attractive about a famous person (specifically men) wearing a wedding ring.

Before anyone jumps on my case... I am not saying that I would ever consider pursuing one of these men. Quite the contrary. It is their very unavailability that I find so attractive. That they have no problem with this quiet statement that they love their wife. It gives me hope. Not that I expect to marry someone famous, if I do get married in the first place. But that, some guy will someday wear a ring as a symbol of his commitment to me.

I think it's especially awesome when said famous person has a career as a performer. Yes, their job may require them to be linked romantically with various women. But, on their time, that ring makes it clear where their allegiances lie. Of course, in my case, I would probably be the one in the relationship on stage. Thinking about it though, I can't help but imagine how much easier it would be if my costars were wearing rings in their free time.

The example which inspired this post is really going to shock everyone...


Case in point... a gorgeous man, a wedding ring, and an adorable daughter...
Can I have one? Please?
(In Hungary, rings are worn on the left hand during engagement -- for both guys and girls --
and then moved to the right hand after getting married)

** Note.. I didn't realize the picture wasn't showing up at first. Obviously it's fixed now :) Enjoy!

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