Today I'm thankful ... 365 days of gratitude

This was inspired by a friend who made a decision to blog every day even if just a few lines. For me, since I've struggled with so much this past year, I want this to be a reminder to be thankful for something each day. I can't promise there will be no repeats but I do promise that they will be sincere  if/when I feel the need to be sarcastic, I'll keep it on the main page).

4/17/13 ... my dr appt went well this week... and I gained 12 pounds!

4/14/13 ... I was able to travel home for Mr. Huls' last concert today and for all of the ways he has blessed my life.

4/10/13 ... for audiobooks. 

4/9/13 ...  my lesson with 6th grade was better than usual.

4/8/13 ... for my bed which is beckoning to me.

4/7/13 ... for the friends I'm making through Candeo.

4/6/13 ... for tangible signs that my brain is learning to heal! Thank God for the Candeo Depression and Anxiety program!

4/5/13 ... I made it through teaching the past few days even with a fraction of my voice.

4/3/13 ... my sunburn isn't nearly as bad as I feared.

4/2/13 ... my trip to Rome was fantastic!  So many things to be thankful for!

3/26/13 ... using skype screensharing with my Dad I was able to get my FAFSA done. So glad to be going back to school!!

3/25/13 ... my landlord was able to come and fix my broken door lock. 

3/24/13 ... my computer seems to have recovered from some strange problem it was having yesterday.

3/22/13 ... for my 70ft (~35 cents) pack of colored pencils and the simple joy of coloring pictures.

3/21/13 ... for toll-free calls using google chat.

3/20/13 ... my cough is much better.

3/19/13 ... I can read neumatic music notation.

3/18/13 ... for an exciting letter that I didn't expect.

3/17/ 13 ... my federal, WV, and local taxes are done. Now I just need to decide if I want $10 enough to file OH.

3/16/13 ... my travel pillow is working well as a "butt nut" to relieve some of the pain of my broken/bruised/something coccyx. Falling on ice is not fun!

3/15/13 ... I spent today snug and warm at home and not stranded in a car or train due to the snow/ice/wind.

3/14/13 ... we have a three day weekend.

3/13/13 ... habemus papam! God bless Pope Francis!

3/12/13 ... for a great skype date with Miriam.

3/11/13 ... I got through work and choir rehearsal tonight.

3/10/13 ... I'm feeling a bit better.

3/9/13 ... I got accepted to University of Bridgeport for my master's degree and elementary education certification!

3/8/13 ... for free delivery and 990ft daily menu specials.

3/6/13 ... yet again, that my doctor is right across the street. Please, no more sick days!!!

3/4/13 ... my substitute lesson with my least favorite, worst behaved kids went fine.

3/3/13 ... my dry erase markers came on Friday, I counted them today, realized I was four short, filled out a replacement form on amazon, and was told that they couldn't replace them because I used a gift card so I get to keep my 20 (not 24) markers AND got my money refunded. WIN.

3/2/13 ... for youtube.

3/1/13's Friday.

2/28/13 ... my landlord was able to come and drill through the lock on my door (and then replace it) when it got jammed ... for EWTN's live coverage from the Vatican/Castelgandolfo and, of course, for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

2/26/13 ... for light bulbs. I'm not afraid of the dark but I like being in places with plenty of light.

2/25/13 ... for fuzzy sweatpants.

2/24/13 ... I'm feeling better after a few miserable days of being sick. Also, for my Nook and ebooks from the library.

2/23/13 ... for a nice, long chat with Teresa.

2/22/13 ... my Praxis I waiver went through. 

2/21/13 ... the last document for my grad school application (at least the ones I have control over) has been mailed.

2/18/13 ... for cake wrecks. After a day of many varied emotions, it was nice to end with good laugh.

2/17/13 ... my flat has wood floors so I can do ballet stuff.

2/16/13 ... plans for Easter in Rome (with the new pope!!) are coming together ... booked our hostel today and bought a backpack.

2/15/13 ... for some unexpected encouragement at work.

2/14/13 ... I got permission from school to miss a few days for "The most expensive weekend of my life"TM. LOL

2/13/13 ... I didn't know about my open lessons beforehand (so I couldn't get nervous) and that they went well.

2/12/13 ... I figured out why the past week has been one giant asthma attack. I only wish it didn't mean cutting out my lovely new lilac scented candles. :(

2/11/13 ... for Papa Ben. Esta es la juventud del Papa! (We are the youth of the Pope - chant from WYD2011)

2/10/13 ... my MCMD (Mass, Confession, McDonalds) trip to Debrecen was successful. 

2/9/13 ... for an early morning skype date with Candice (and Brittany) ... yay friends!

2/8/13 ... my flat has a microwave and full stove/oven.

2/7/13 ... my Praxis waiver form was received by the CT board of Education. (Have to wait for the ACT scores to get there but at least I know the form got there).

2/6/13 ... that facebook helps me stay connected with people.

2/5/13 ... for the store next to my building. 

2/4/13 ... some problems got sorted out on my online grade book after our schedule change. 

2/3/13 ... I have absolutely no interest in seeing the Super Bowl so the time difference doesn't matter to me.

2/2/13 ... I managed to finish shopping without crying when my brain decided to meltdown in the middle of Tesco.

2/1/13 ... on my new class schedule, all but two of my classes are in "my" classroom.

1/31/13 ... after my email about a bug in the online application system, the grad school admissions counselor not only submitted it for me but also waived the application fee!

1/30/13 ... my flat is only a 5 minute walk from school.

1/29/13 ... I did not spill tea all over the table at the coffee shop while I sat and read for an hour (yes, this is actually something I can be thankful for... lol).

1/28/13 ... to have finally gotten on the Jane Austen bandwagon ... Happy 200th Birthday Pride and Prejudice!

1/27/13 ... the priest at the Greek Catholic Church gives much simpler homilies (or at least today he did) than the one at the Roman Catholic Church.

1/26/13 ... I can get amazing produce so inexpensively at the market -- less than $3 for fresh mushrooms, garlic, onions, cabbage, and a banana.

1/25/13 ... for all those able to make the sacrifice and march for life in DC today. 

1/24/13 ...  for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. They give me something to look forward to on Mondays and Thursdays.

1/23/13 ... for the American justice system. They may have made some incredibly terrible decisions in the past (like 40 years ago yesterday, for example) but at least in this case a disgusting criminal has been brought to justice. 

1/22/13 ... for life. 

1/21/13 ... I can specify exactly who can or cannot see things I post on Facebook.

1/20/13 ... for bubble baths and the relaxation station on pandora. 

1/19/13 ... to have food and a place to live. 

1/18/13 ... the choir dinner was nice but also that I managed to catch the last bus and got home at a decent hour.

1/16/13 ... for the internet. Seriously, I don't want to imagine how miserable I would be without it.

1/15/13 ... I didn't have to stay for the grading conference at school.

1/14/13 ... there were leftovers in my fridge. With the migraine I've got, I would hate to have had to cook dinner.

1/13/13 ... for Mass and the Eucharist (even when I hardly understand a word of the way-too-long homily).

1/12/13 ... my bedroom and all my bedding is clean -- first room in my quest to de-allergify my flat. Also, that I still have health insurance for six more months.

1/11/13 ... I got my computer back.. again.

1/9/13 ... that my problems are much smaller than those of so many other people.

1/8/13 ... I have a "walk-in refrigerator" aka my balcony. (My fridge is fine, I'm just defrosting it to get massive amounts of ice out of the freezer section.)

1/7/13 ... for the very simple "water test" of egg freshness. (If it floats, don't eat it)

1/6/13 ... I had a wonderful trip to BP, London, and Dublin with Helen.

12/24/12 ... for a lazy day at home and that I felt well-enough to go to midnight Mass.

12/22/12 ... I did not comment on the extremely bigoted status about Catholics that I saw because I knew the person had no interest in reality.

12/21/12 ... the world didn't end today and for two weeks of Christmas vacation.

 12/19/12 ...that I don't have to actually write this today, because I found this kid at the train station today and I'm dictating it.  She says her name is Helen...

12/18/12 ... for laughter.

12/16/12 ... the Christmas concert went well tonight.

12/15/12 ... plane tickets for London and Dublin are booked! 

12/14/12 ... I got to see Madame Butterfly in Debrecen.

12/13/12 ... for my Thursday schedule which allows me to work on other things for a large chunk of time during the day.

12/12/12 ... to be back to writing my daily thankful line after weeks with no computer and other frustrating experiences.

11/28/12 ... for internet at work. (Internet/TV are both out at home.)

11/26/12 ... I sent the first three in a long list of very important emails.

11/25/12 ... for wifi on my train today.

11/24/12 ... for second Thanksgiving :)

11/23/12 ... for new boots.

11/22/12 ... I'm thankful for everything I've gotten through this year and for my family and friends and the amazing dinner/afternoon/evening I had with Allison and for all of my many blessings! Happy Thanksgiving!!

11/21/12 ... I happened to meet Allison while waiting for the bus to Tesco and I booked our (Helen and I) car for Medjugorje next month!

11/20/12 ... that I am a big enough person to not always give people what they want. (The non-sarcastic side of the many sarcastic comments I could put here right now.)

11/19/12 ... for friends who help you put what you're feeling into words. Also, that  Helen will be here one month from today!

11/18/12 ... whatever weird thing I accidentally did to my computer keyboard fixed itself when I rebooted. I would be so lost without my computer!

11/17/12 ... I am fundamentally an introvert. It makes living out here so much easier.

11/16/12 ... I went to Mass this morning.

11/15/12 ... I can make popcorn on the stove.

11/14/12 ... my lessons with 7th and 8th grade went fantastic today.

11/13/12 ... for Milka candy bars.

11/12/12 ... I finished my first draft resume/cover letter.

11/11/12 ... my iron tablets dissolve quickly.

11/10/12 ... that I felt well enough to go and had a good time at the school "ball" thing for staff and parents.

11/9/12 ... Alli came over for dinner/movie/ungraded English conversation :)

11/8/12 ... I managed to eat some solid food today.

11/7/12 ... my doctor is right across the street ... I can navigate a dr.'s visit by myself ... for time-wasting websites (today I discovered sh*t my kids ruined).

11/6/12 ... to be able to keep up with US news from Hungary thanks to the internet.

11/5/12 ... to have avoided much of the political mudslinging of the past few months.

11/4/12 ... for Fall break ... for the friends I spent it with ... that I got to add two countries to my visited list ... that we changed our plans and spent an extra day in Sarajevo ... that I finally got paid.

10/26/12 ... I did not have to dress up for the Halloween party at school.

10/25/12 ... for my 8th Grade Group 1 class; they are a joy to work with and make me so glad I'm a teacher.

10/24/12 ... for powerpoint presentations.

10/23/12 ... for freedom and those who remind us that freedom is not free.

10/22/12 ... that God is leading me... even when I can't see where I'm going.

10/21/12 ... for a great weekend in BP with lots of friends.

10/20/12 ... for the beautiful wedding I was blessed to attend this morning! God bless Edit and Goci! :)

10/19/12 ... for sliver linings on black clouds.

10/18/12 ... there was liver in my freezer... one of those weeks when I need any extra iron I can get.

10/17/12 ... for all of my uni music teachers, especially the man I consider to be my "adopted grandpa."

10/16/12 ... most of the teachers that I've asked so far have been so nice about letting me observe their English lessons.

10/15/12 ... my pretty, pink bike came today!!

10/14/12 ... I can watch British TV thanks to (even though I am going to bed crying because Julian Fellowes HAS NO SOUL.)

10/13/12 ... my first concert with the Bardos Lajos Varosi es Pedagogus Enekar went well.

10/12/12 ... for a lovely afternoon in Debrecen with Kriszti (my contact teacher).

10/11/12 ... the older people in choir don't mind when I forget (all the time... sad face) and say "szia" (hi) even though I know perfectly well that "jo estet" (good evening) is the proper greeting.

10/10/12 ... I got a good start on cleaning my flat.

10/9/12 ... despite its many challenges (and the fact that it chose me rather than I chose it) I really love teaching.

10/8/12 ... I have a choir dress-ish thing. Yes, it's the ugliest choir outfit I've ever had, but it means I'm really in the choir.

10/7/12 ... for an amazing trip to BP yesterday!

10/6/12 ... this year on Oct. 6 I am going TO not fleeing from Budapest.

10/5/12 ... for the Internet as a teaching/lesson planning aid.

10/4/12 ... I've earned the right to complain about the government for the next four years (aka - I sent in my federal write-in absentee ballot).

10/3/12... that there is another native English speaker in Szoboszlo.

10/2/12 ... to be getting faster at doing my makeup.

10/1/12 ... for projectors and smart boards.

9/30/12 ... fellowship after Mass isn't starting until next week... I barely finished my lesson plans before Downton Abbey as it was.

9/29/12 ... even after waking up with terrible cramps, I still made it *almost* on time for the school "Sport and Cooking Day."

9/28/12 ... I figured out why my legs are so sore today ... just in time to sing "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" with another class of 1st graders. (It was from doing HSKT yesterday with other kids)

9/27/12 ... that I have a candle, matches, and a flashlight. They are very handy when the power goes out!!

9/26/12 ... that internet is so common is my life that I can be irritated when it doesn't work right.

9/25/12 ... I figured out a way to hang a duvet cover to dry (involves three hangers, six clothes pins, and my shower curtain rod).

9/24/12 ... to be back at school today.

9/23/12 ... to have crossed nearly everything off my to-do list for today.

9/22/12 ... I had a great day with Stef and Chichi. It was so nice seeing Debrecen with them and showing them around my little town!

9/21/12 ... for the past three days at home. Sure, I dislike being sick and staying home can be boring but it's been very relaxing.

9/20/12 ... Helen and I figured out how to screen-share on skype and had a lovely Downton Date.

9/19/12 ... the doctor's office is right across the street from my flat. Unlike in Budapest it is a "regular" non-pedestrian street but it's still hardly a stone's throw away.

9/18/12 ... my residence permit came in the mail... I'm official!

9/17/12 ... my school is so close to my flat. There are some things I like better about living in Budapest but it's hard to compare an hour commute to being in my pj's on the couch within 15 minutes of my last class ending!

9/16/12 ... the English Mass in Debrecen is celebrated much better than the Saturday one in Budapest. And that I got my alternate ip address to work less than 10 minutes into the season premiere of Downton Abbey!!

9/15/12 ... for a lovely, lazy Saturday.

9/14/12 ... for my sister, Helen, and that we had the chance to get to know each other better while I was living with our parents earlier this year.

9/13/12 ... so much to be thankful for today... my sister, Teresa, on her birthday, for being able to observe two English classes taught by one of the other teachers, and for an awesome lesson with 8th grade.

9/12/12 ... today was hump day.

9/11/12 ... I got a letter saying that my application for a residence permit has been accepted. Now I just have to wait for the actual card.

9/10/12 ... I have met all of my 21 classes now; I've got a choir to sing with during my time here in Szoboszlo; the ordination/consecration of the new bishop for the Steubenville Diocese was live streamed online and I got to watch some of it.

9/9/12 ... I only noticed my sunburn when I looked in the mirror and not because it hurt.

9/8/12 ... I have my library card number and can get ebooks through my library back in the States.

9/7/12 ... my landlord and landlady brought over my shower curtain rod and my new bank card came in the mail.

9/6/12 ... my flat is a 5 min walk from school so I can go home on days when I have a three lesson break between classes.

9/5/12 ... I managed to throw together a lesson for 7th grade when I ended up with the group I didn't expect.

9/4/12 ... my second day of school went better than the first.

9/3/12 ... one day of school down!

9/2/12 ... after hours (literally) of blood, sweat, and tears (not quite literally) my printer is working.

8/31/12 ... for a relaxing and productive day.

8/30/12 ... I have my tentative class schedule and all my classes are in the same classroom!

8/29/12 ... my first visit to the school went well and  I've got internet at home now.

8/28/12 ... my new flat is awesome.

8/27/12... I successfully reopened my bank account.

8/26/12 ... I caught the last tram back from Pest and I don't live my life in irrational fear.

8/25/12 ... I am entitled to my own opinion even if other people think it's wrong.

8/24/12 ... for a great dinner/visit with Deb (and getting my printer!).

8/23/12 ... CETP orientation starts tonight.

8/22/12 ... not only did I find the shoe-repair place, but I also explained what the problem was with my purse, asked how much it would cost, insisted that it be finished next Tuesday because I was leaving town, discovered that the repair guy is from Debrecen, etc. all in Hungarian.

8/21/12 ... I got to spend time with my friend, Edit, today.

8/20/12 ... 1000ish years ago a cool dude named Stephen started a country, thereby resulting in my coming into existence and later moving to the country he founded.

8/19/12 ... that I'm not allergic to cats.

8/18/12 ... my luggage arrived this morning.

8/17/12 ... I am finally in Budapest (albeit minus my luggage but at least I'm here).

8/16/12 ... my flight was rearranged so that I will still fly overnight and don't have to spend the night in London.

8/15/12 ... for the family that gave me a ride back from Mass so I didn't have to walk a mile in the downpour.

8/14/12 ... I had the chance to see some family and friends that I hadn't seen in over a year.

8/13/12 ... for the way my parents have let me stay with them the past few months while I've been in transition.

8/12/12 ... for a great weekend yesterday and today with friends.

8/11/12 ... that I am NOT known to my friends as "the girl who dated a pedophile" (even if I am "the girl who had a major crush on a pedophile" ... shudder).

8/10/12 ... there wasn't any problem with getting my meds for next year.

8/9/12 ... for the sweet little kids I've been nannying the past few months.

8/8/12 ... for a place to stay in Budapest next week.

8/6/12 ... I'm feeling better after a nasty stomach bug and that I got my computer replaced after it crashed and that both these things happened yesterday rather than next weekend.

8/4/12 ... I found the teaching books I wanted on with half price shipping because they were from the same seller.

8/3/12 ... Teresa got home safely from India.

8/2/12 ... I got a great deal on an external hard drive.

8/1/12 ... for a great day at Kennywood. It's amazing how nice it is when your body isn't making you miserably ill by screaming "SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG!! ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!!!!" when your mind and heart aren't ready to listen.

7/31/12 ... as I always am when I have a cold with phlegm sitting on my lungs that I do not have CF.

7/30/12 ... that cell phones allow us to be there for friends when they need us, even from hundred's of miles away.

7/28/12 ... I've had a job the past 5 months but also that it's finished now.

7/27/12 ... for Olympics coverage on TV.

7/26/12 ... my dentist appointment went amazingly well and I picked up my new glasses.

7/25/12 ... my new computer is ordered and should get here in 3-5 days.

7/24/12 ... I got the tuition exchange at SHU.

7/23/12 ... I have finally seen every episode (til September ... *sob*) of Downton Abbey.

7/22/12 ... my crazy, disturbing, vivid dream was just a dream.

7/21/12 ... I'm feeling better. 

7/20/12 ... the power is back on after two days without it, the dr.'s note with my prescriptions worked to get a year's supply of my meds, there wasn't any problem at work when I had to go home sick, I don't think I actually have a concussion -- just a massive headache.

7/19/12 ... there is internet at the library.

7/18/12 ... my flight to MN is purchased.

7/17/12 ... both of my doctor's appointments went well today.

7/16/12 ... for my Grandma on her 90th birthday. And for my awesome, new, carry-on suitcase my parents got me for my birthday.

7/15/12 ... for the new Mass times at St. Peter's.

7/13/12 ... my appointment with the eye Dr. went well and I have new glasses ordered. 

7/12/12 ... for all the blessings of the last quarter century. 

7/11/12 ... I got my license renewed and, defying Murphy's Law, the picture is actually pretty good.

7/10/12 ... it wasn't quite so hot today so I was able to sit in the car at lunch and escape the musak. 

7/9/12 ... Big Bang Theory Season 2 came in at the library.

7/8/12 ... I don't know quite how to put it into words, but after watching Dear John I'm just very thankful.

7/7/12 ... the huge burn on my arm doesn't feel nearly as bad as it looks. 

7/6/12 ... it wasn't my right arm that got burned at work.

7/5/12 ... for friends who always seem to understand. 

7/4/12 ... for the freedom to take the evil birdhouse, chop it up with a hatchet, and then burn it!!

7/3/12 ... ever so very thankful that I am not the person I was a year ago.

7/2/12 ... my mouth was closed when the huge drop of paint landed on it.

7/1/12 ... the arrival of July means I leave for Hungary next month :)

6/30/12 ... I made it to work and then the gas station without running out of gas.

6/29/12 ... for my sister, Miriam. Happy Birthday!

6/28/12 ... for baked avocado fries... yummy.

6/27/12 ... for having bought my plane ticket to Hungary!!! :-)

6/26/12 ... my parents didn't listen when I thought I wanted to go to a ridiculous boarding school for high school. 

6/25/12 ... our painting project is underway - the ceiling and first coat on walls are almost done in the entry way.

6/24/12 ... our last night as a whole family (for probably at least a year) was relatively conflict free.

6/23/12 ... the stupid drivers I encountered on my way home from work didn't cause any accidents.

6/22/12 ... one of my coworkers doesn't seem to dislike me as much anymore. 

6/21/12 ... that I've dodged some big bullets. For a good day at camp. And for getting an explanation (NOT an excuse but better than nothing) about some nasty stuff that happened last year. 

6/20/12 ... CETP got our invitations from the Hungarian ministry... I CAN BUY MY PLANE TICKET!!!!

6/19/12 ... for $2 Long Islands and half price appetizers at Applebees with Teresa.

6/18/12 ... family pictures turned out well.

6/17/12 ... for my Dad, on Father's Day.

6/16/12 ... for libraries.

6/15/12 ... after we lost power for a minute, there was no musak for the last hour at work. Also, that God's natural inclination for mercy is much greater than my own. 

6/14/12 ... for the Greek Food Festival ... and figuring out how to add pins on Pinterest.

6/13/12 ... we started our project of redecorating the living room and entry way.

6/12/12 ... our department manager came back to work after being gone on medical leave.

6/10/12 ... my siblings helped me get to work on time after Mass went longer than usual.

6/9/12 ... cantoring went alright even though the microphone battery was dead. 

6/8/12 ... the idiot state trouper who decided to pull someone over right at the bottom of the FUS hill moved in time for me to get Helen to work.

6/7/12 ... for lunch with Candice.

6/6/12 ... to be celebrating the 79th anniversary of the first drive-in movie by seeing Hunger Games (third time) with my sisters.

6/5/12 ... bottled water only costs 40 cents in the employee area at work.

6/4/12 ... for a much needed meeting with my therapist.

6/2/12 ... we kneel after the Lamb of God at Holy Family. 

6/1/12 ... scalpings are not part of my everyday life. 

5/31/12 ... for sleeping in :)

5/30/12 ... I got lots of extremely cheap, name brand, teacher clothes at a thrift store we discovered in Amish country this afternoon. 

5/29/12 ... the thunderstorm was at the perfect time to make it a bearable temperature when I went out to sit in the car for lunch.

5/28/12 ... for the day off work after way too much drama yesterday. 

5/27/12 ... I got to spend some time with a friend I hadn't seen in almost two years.

5/26/12... someone invented this amazing thing called air conditioning.

5/25/12 ... for happy memories, even when they come with the sadness of knowing that some things can't go back to the way they were.

5/24/12 ... peaceful and successful anniversary breakfast for my parents. 

5/22/12 ... my PA tax refund check came in the mail :)

5/21/12 ... for leftover birthday cake.

5/20/12 ... for my Dad on his birthday.

5/19/12 ... the song loop at work is more than 9 hours long.

5/18/12 ... I have a mixer... sure, it's not the kitchen aid I'd like but it still beats (lol) having to whip egg whites by hand!

5/17/12 ... for Big Bang Theory on DVD.

5/16/12 ... for a fun Timmy Ho's date with some awesome girls.

5/15/12 ... some work confusion got straightened out.

5/14/12 ... for a great girls evening with my mom and sisters.

5/13/12 ... for my Mom. 

5/12/12 ... for gin and tonic!

5/11/12 ... for sisters... who needs a chiropractor or masseuse when you've got one "built in"?

5/9/12 ... I got some good news about my job for the fall.

5/8/12 ... hmm... I guess I'll just say, I'm thankful for my curiosity. 

5/7/12 ... first day of nannying went well.

5/6/12 ... Saturday vigil fulfills Sunday Mass obligation.

5/5/12 ... for my new, super-comfy skirt from Gabe's.

5/4/12 ... for a safe trip to Dayton and back.

5/3/12 ... that I was able to get back to sleep after showing up for work at 5am and going right back home thanks to a scheduling mishap.

5/2/12 ... for being single.

5/1/12 ... church choir provides an escape from rather than a continuation of work drama.

4/30/12 ... I am Catholic and not Christian Scientist. This was inspired by the Epistle at Mass yesterday being from 1 John. I know the text almost by heart from hearing it every week for two years while I was the soloist at a CS church.

4/28/12 ... my skills night class went alright.

4/27/12 ... I did not grow up in an organic-fanatic household. I was just reading comments on a blog about the "evils" of store bought cakes and I find it so sad to read about these parents who forbid their children to eat classmates' birthday cakes because they include processed sugar and other "fake" ingredients. Obviously, allergies are a different situation but I can't imagine living in that type of fear of being "contaminated" by eggs not from their own chickens, etc.

4/26/12 ... my new passport came in the mail and it only took about three weeks rather than 6-8!!

4/25/12 ...for yawning. It seems like such a simple thing but after years of undiagnosed, unconventional asthma attacks which stifled my breathing, I really appreciate being able to take a deep breath.

4/24/12 ... for my hour lunch break at work when I get some peace and quiet and a chance to read a book. (yes, I missed yesterday) 

4/22/12 ... for a lazy Sunday that I spent half of in my pajamas. 

4/21/12 ... I am profoundly thankful for parents who, when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, choose life for their children. 

4/20/12 ... to have the house to myself tonight and tomorrow.

4/19/12 ... that I realized I was early for work before I went inside and tried to clock in = hour nap in the car.

4/18/12 ... for an unexpected afternoon hanging out with Candice.

4/17/12 ... for not saying anything when I was angry that J. did bread and left the donuts for me at work. I had to rush but got done earlier than I would have with bread and then got to decorate a bunch of cakes.

4/16/12 ... that I got to decorate some cakes, made my first icing roses, and got told by my boss that I can continue to do all of that as long as I'm comfortable with it. I get paid to play with icing... how awesome is that?!

4/15/12 ... that I finished my PA state income tax and am getting it all back! (Posted on 4/16 but taxes were done yesterday)

4/14/12 ... for cheesecake from the discount rack at work.

4/13/12 ... Meat Friday!! Haha... and meeting again with the family for whom I will be a part-time nanny before I move back to Hungary.

4/12/12 ... for my boss letting me work late to make up for the time I missed going to the doc ... that the doc was happy when he listened to my lungs and said the asthma is calming down ... that my CETP application made it to Oregon ... AND, last but certainly NOT least -- that the principal at Hajduszoboszlo has accepted me as a teacher starting in the fall!!!

4/11/12 ... for my dad bringing me ice packs, Tylenol, etc as I lie on the couch with a migraine. Also, for family not waking me up when I pass out on the couch from said migraine. (Posted on 4/12/12 but I was definitely thankful last night)

4/10/12 ... that my CETP application is submitted!! 

4/9/12 ... that the library has a free public notary.

4/8/12 ... for white cupcakes with piles of whipped icing.

4/7/12 ... for the Easter Vigil -- my favorite Mass of the year -- even if it was an abbreviated version and I don't get to hear the new Exultet until next year.

4/6/12 ... for Love.

 4/5/12 ... for the Eucharist.

So, to start off:

4/4/12 ... for the motivation to update my blog.

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