Sunday, September 25, 2011

A picture is worth a 1000 beautiful words ;-)

And here are 5 of them!!

On Friday evening, I went to the Pesti Broadway Fesztival which is two days of outdoor concerts to celebrate the opening of the season for the Budapest Operetta Theater. I was ridiculously excited because one of the stars there is Dolhai Attila... who just happens to be my favorite singer.
In. The. Whole. World.

I went straight after work with one of the other kindy teachers and we managed to get to the side of the stage between the stage and the building where the singers were chillaxing. That meant everyone had to walk by us to get to the stage. Much excitement (and picture taking) ensued

The middle of the three guys standing in the doorway -- Dolhai Attila!!!!

Far left: walking back from stage after gracing our ears :)

Standing by the stage watching friends and singing along... precious

Coming out into the mob of people waiting for him after the show... "Ok, guys, seriously, you're scaring me a little... I'll stand over there by the other door, go line up." (not an exact translation but the general idea of what he said)

AND... Then....





He asked what my name was so that he could autograph my copy of one of his CDs (which I had found second hand the day before ... for 990ft -- less than $5). I told him it was Rozsa (wasn't going to mess around with the American version... especially since it sounds like the Hungarian word for "bad"). Took two tries thanks to my terrible American accent. Then tragedy struck.

(I would totally throw it against the wall.... except that he touched it)

So..this was the result:
The CD, the evil pen, and the beginnings of "To Rose" or something like that (it's on his collar.. I know it's kind of hard to see... gee... thanks pen.)

Next time: picture with him.
Sadly, that will likely be years away :(
Damn you, stupid work mess!!

Edit: Maybe not years away -- just bought a ticket for Romeo es Julia the night before I leave... waiting at the stage door after the show is a distinct possibility!

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