Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last Day of School

What's better than the last day of school?

Getting out of the school at 9:30am and getting ice cream with friends before 10am.

That's exactly what happened today. Because information is at such a premium in my job, I didn't know anything about work today. Usually on Wednesdays I would have to come in for class at 9 or office hour at 10 depending on the week. Since I hadn't heard anything, I figured I should probably show up around 8 (time school starts) just in case there was something I needed to do. There wasn't. So I spent my last day at school (this year) drinking hot chocolate with Cassie and talking about flat hunting followed with some quality time on Facebook and reading blogs. Finally, around 9:30 we decided to skedaddle along with another friend, Deb.

Needing a victory treat, we stopped by Daubner - home of the world's best ice cream - on the way back from work and spent time just talking about the year and our plans for next year (Deb is leaving us for the American school :( although she will still be in Budapest :) I'll still be with this program but it's not certain where, Cassie will be teaching at one of the other schools). A really nice low-key way to end the school year.

Now, on to the rest of the next 2 weeks... I don't work tomorrow but I have a voice lesson :-D so excited! Friday, I'm at the kindy. Saturday is free. Sunday to Tuesday I'll be at camp with the upper school kids. I'm traveling to Prague via overnight bus on Tuesday for the Prague Quadrennial - an international theater convention - and then back on the overnight bus Thursday just in time for my last day at the kindy next Friday. Then, I've got Saturday to finish packing, cleaning, tying up any lose ends in Budapest before I peace out for a month. Sunday (June 26th) I fly home via Dusseldorf and Toronto. That leaves me with a few days to 1. get over jet-lag, 2. attempt to clean/somewhat organize the 'rents' house, and (probably most of all :-P) 3. run around like a headless chicken before a friend comes to visit for the weekend of the 4th.

With all that going on, I'm just hoping I end up in the right place at the right time and I remember to pack everything I need for each trip!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

. . . (Part 2)

That's me: speechless. Which, believe it or not, is actually possible. After writing about the courtship blog I had read a few months ago, I was reading some recent things on that girl's blog and stumbled upon a blog written by one of her brothers. From what one can gather about their family from her blog, it shouldn't be particularly surprising that I found a post about his views on courtship.

I wish I could insert the faces that I make when I read this sort of thing... oh wait, I can:

(Sarcasm alert ahead!)

(These points are not necessarily in the order found in the text)

  1. Caused people to think that courtship is an opinion when in reality it is not.” Ok, that's fine, I didn't really like the idea anyway. But then why do you have a post about it? Wait... you mean that's just the way it should be? No other option?

  2. Nowhere in the Bible is there an example of dating.” Nowhere in the Bible is there an example of blogging either. What'cha gonna say to that? Huh? Huh?

  3. So a young man should not reveal his intentions to the young lady that he is interested in.” Say what!? Maybe if I talk to someone about it... oh wait, the guy has to talk to my dad not me.

  4. A man could just be overwhelmed by the beauty of a women and acting off of his fleshly feelings, approach the lady and propose to her, being that his love is based on her beauty, which will wither when she gets older, his love will probably run dry in the future (AN: like if she starts beating him with shoes).I'm not a guy but this seems silly... most guys don't run around proposing to any pretty girl they see (at least not that I've heard of).

  5. Looks are not supposed to be of high priority, love is a choice and when you decide to love someone they will be beautiful no matter what.” … even if they look like Quasimodo (hard to tell from the small pic but there's a lot of random blur on my face) -- if love was some sort of mushy, feeling junk no one could ever love Quasimodo – a cold, rational choice, however, that's a different story.

  6. I find it very hard to believe that a young man and a young lady, thrown into a one on one situation, without a moderator, can develop a mature relationship.” You're joking, right? In all honesty, I'm kind of offended by this statement. How can a young man and young lady develop a mature relationship if they are never outside of their parents umbrella?

  7. Notice that Rebekah was asked if she wanted to go and she agreed!” Obviously, she (the girl in the courtship situation, not Rebekah) agrees... having been raised to accept her father's word as the word of God, what else could she do? Although, she may “agree” while looking like this.

  8. If the parents find fault or feel that he is not the one for their daughter, they can tell him no and their daughter will never know what was happening, thus she will not have the heartbreak of giving her heart to a young man and then having to break up when her parents tell her no.” Where do you get the idea that a woman should let her parents decide to whom she gives her heart?!?!? That's asinine! (Come on... ;-) of course I had to include my favorite word somewhere in a post like this)

  9. Worked into such a frenzy, I expire.

  10. In fact, my head breaks into two pieces.

  11. I have been reincarnated as a zombie who only wears “appropriate” clothing.

  12. Now, I can be taught the “proper” place for a woman. Except that I forgot the rest of my clothes and will probably be damned for wearing a tank top.

Ok, I'm done reading Quiverfull bunk (at least for a few months) ... had to get it out of my system.

In other, much more exciting, news... I have a voice lesson this week!! After zero serious singing for the past year, I've finally found a teacher and will have a trial lesson on Thursday. I'm praying that she is a good fit so that I can continue studying when I get back in August.

Monday, June 13, 2011

If you think *I'm* sheltered... (Part 1)

... you should read some of the crazy stuff I've encountered online.

A few months ago, I was reading a lot of Quiverfull blogs online. In a nutshell, these are people who believe (among other things) that their mission on earth is to have as many children as physically possible. Basically, if you think of the Duggars (from the TV show) you've got the idea.

I can only stomach small amounts of this stuff but I'm fascinated in a horrified sort of way. Although I haven't read much lately, I keep checking this one girl's blog to see if she has approved my comment/question.

You can read the post here.

That's scary stuff... IMHO. Sure, holding hands for the first time (for the day) on my wedding day will be nice... but so will holding hands for the first time (for the day) on any other day. My comment, which she still hasn't approved (more than 5 weeks later) read:
I know this is really old, but I just stumbled upon your blog today and have an honest question. If you won’t have any physical contact (including holding hands) until you are married, how will the proposal go? He holds out the ring and you have to take it out of the box and put it on yourself so that he doesn’t accidentally touch you? (Since this is so old, if you want to email or post on my blog that’s fine… I’m very curious)

I really am incredibly curious. How would the logistics of such a proposal go? I think it's really sad that they are so incredibly worried that they have no self-control whatsoever that they need to go to such extremes to avoid ever having any physical contact.

Confession: I've held hands with guys. I've hugged guys. I've even *gasp!!* fallen asleep on a guy while riding on a bus (although that was really awkward because my dad was sitting across the aisle from us). Do I think that any of that is something to regret? Nope.

And, speaking of Dad, he is already married... he doesn't need anyone approaching him looking for a relationship. Someday, when I get married, it will be ME getting married... NOT my dad. Asking for a blessing before proposing: one thing. Asking for permission to get to know someone: entirely different. Heaven forbid that two people get to know one another without their families there ALL THE TIME. Heaven forbid that they spend any time alone until they are married. How on earth can you get to know someone if their parents are standing right next to them? Sure, you can learn a lot by watching how they relate to their parents but (hopefully!!) those parents aren't going to be living with you after you get married. At some point, the couple will have to figure out what it's like to relate to each other on their own. Why would you wait until you've promised your life to someone to get to know them? Am I the only person who sees that as incredibly risky?

Ok... rant over... time for bed... who knows -- maybe I'll dream about holding hands with someone before I'm married. I wonder if this poor girl would think that's wrong too.