Saturday, May 22, 2010


The last week and the two approaching have been/will be ridiculous. I've been driving back and forth between my house, my parents' house, various track meets, etc. All in all, I feel like I'm a yo-yo. Even though I've been moving things out of my house all week, I'm realizing how much more stuff I have to lug back. Add in the necessary sorting of all my stuff into trash, goodwill, store at my parents' house, take to NY, or take to Europe. I'm very glad that it all will be done by June 5. Not looking forward to getting it done, but at least it won't be dragging on all summer.

As if things weren't complicated enough... when I went to check the size requirements for my luggage a few days ago and got a nasty shock. Basically, it boils down to: I am moving to Europe with ONE (1) major suitcase. Yeah... that's going to be a blast. Thankfully, a friend might be able to bring me another suitcase a few weeks after I get there.


  1. I'll see you in Budapest in mid-August! :):)

  2. If I may recommend... if you have to pay the 50 bucks for a second suitcase, and you in any way need a second suitcase, do it. Clothes and shoes are quite pricy here, and ingredients can be hard to find. I'm going home and then back to Spain with three suitcases!

  3. Lauren - I checked further into it and will be paying $50 for a second suitcase. The problem was the airline's website was very ambiguous and it looked like I would have to pay $150!! for a second. Thankfully, it's only $50.