Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Letter from Camp"

Dear Mom and Dad – In my first few weeks of camp (AKA Glimmerglass Opera), I …

Cooked over a fire – the Brown House has a gas stove

Made some cool new friends – The wardrobe crew is awesome this year... we're all getting along great and getting stuff done in record time.

Practiced for the talent show – Well... I guess this is a stretch, but I've spent time backstage and in the wardrobe house during tech rehearsals.

Have a new counselor – Julia is a great wardrobe manager and the assistant, Brit, is awesome as well.

Saw a mouse in my cabin – we have mousetraps in the Brown House now... unfortunately, the mice are bigger than the traps. I can't say there is much I dislike more than mice running around my room. (Update: now that I've watched the mice (mouse? I don't know if it's the same one) run up and down the kitchen for the past two hours, I just want them DEAD. Isn't this a health hazard?!)

Got poison ivy – Not really, but … I just got a new dresser in my room because the other one was full of mold... eww

Ate a bunch of marshmallows – one of the wardrobe interns is allergic to gluten and dairy … oddly enough, marshmallows are a safe snack.

Got a letter saying I was accepted for school this fall – Someone dropped out of the English course so I am officially in - thank God!

Went on adventures with my friends – We've been to Cooperstown, Syracuse, New Hartford, Herkimer... some multiple times.

Spent time doing arts and crafts – when there isn't a tech rehearsal, sometimes we get sent to help in the costume shop. I've worked on various alterations and lots of seam-ripping. We also made shirts for the opening of Eclipse (I was “Team Sparkly Stalker” others included “Team Dracula” and “Team Volturi”)

All in all, things are going well at Sunny Camp Glimmerglass. I'm starting to get very nervous about my move (Less than a month... EEK) but I know things will work out somehow.

Love you and miss you,

Oh, and please send mail :)

Rose Kovach
c/o Glimmerglass Opera
P.O. Box 129
Springfield Center, NY 13468

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