Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Bells....

Thoughts on the royal wedding (while watching a rebroadcast... some of us had to work today)

Dress = EPIC. Honestly, this was why I watched the wedding. I approve. Entirely. Love, love, love the dress. Got scared for a minute when I thought she had a massive butt-bow but then I realized it was just the bustle of the train. Such a fitting dress for not only a princess but also the myriads of women who will be copying it for years to come -- they won't have to look back at their wedding pictures and say "gee, I didn't get married in the 1980's or anything." The dress reminds me of Maria's in SoM but with a lace bodice rather than satin.. looks more feminine and softer than Maria's (as much as I hate to speak "poorly" about my girl MvT).

Poor Pippa looked like she was babysitting.... if one would babysit in such a great dress. I'm in awe of her ability to fix Kate's (HRH Catherine or whatever it is now) train in that dress.

How many girls sitting at home do you think screamed "YES!! He's supposed to marry me!!!" when the archbishop asked if there was any reason for them not to get married?

"For richer for poorer" -- am I the only one who finds this somewhat laughable in this setting?

"All my worldly goods I share" -- sweet deal!

Choir = awesome (but then, who's surprised?)

Grandma looks good in yellow.

Congregational singing was impressive. This is the type of thing that makes me very interested in the new Ordinariates ... of course on a smaller scale, but the Anglicans have such a great music tradition. Although, there were some moments that would make an amazing "songs of praise with subtitles" video :-D Hahaha... and there was some woman conducting from the pew.

I found it interesting that the "marriage ceremony" was the first part of the service.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the mentions of "honoring each other with their bodies" as I remembered Charles' comment when they got engaged: "They've been practicing long enough."

Girls behind Grandma... you will regret this. I didn't realize a pink foam trellis was an acceptable "hat" for such an event. Or that raccoon eyes were attractive.

The Rutter (This is the Day) was very Rutterian. Nice, catchy, mellow, but not nearly as impressive as....

Holy cluster chords in the Ubi Caritas -- yummy :) -- especially the low bass line!!

Oh please, William, it's just Velcro on your gloves... not rocket surgery or brain science! And then he holds her bouquet so she can climb in to the carriage looking at it like it's about to eat him. You two are riding in a carriage after getting married... I think that maybe, just maybe, it might be socially acceptable to hold hands -- provided you are still waving with your other, of course.

Note to wedding coordinator... next time, brief footman (is that right term?) on proper handling of a train when exiting the carriage. My heart broke for the poor thing when he crumpled it and pulled it onto the carpet.

Reasons I would NOT want to marry a prince...........
  1. Wedding as a huge social event.
  2. No privacy.
  3. Wedding pictures turned into postcards.
  4. Walking down the aisle with his back to you.
  5. Walking three steps behind him for the rest of my life (do they still do that?) ... I'm no hardcore feminist, but that's just not right.
  6. At least when it comes to the British Royal Family -- no Catholics need apply.
  7. The most famous (and repeated) song is dedicated to your Grandma (or Mom or Dad depending on the situation)
  8. No "You may kiss the bride."
  9. Probably not acceptable to change into white tennis shoes for the reception.
  10. Little "true" freedom with wedding choices.

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