Thursday, May 5, 2011


After hitting snooze a number of times this morning, I fell back to sleep for almost an hour (thank God that 1. I have lots of extra time built into my morning schedule and 2. I didn't have to teach this morning). I woke up in the middle of a truly bizarre dream.

My family was Quiverfull (that was scary... but I've been reading so many crazy blogs that it makes some sense). I had a bunch more siblings and we all dressed like the Duggars. This other family was visiting and had told me that one of their kids wanted voice lessons but didn't tell me which one. So I was going through all the kids trying to figure out who I was supposed to teach. The other family had told their kid that someone from my family would teach them but didn't tell them who. So we were bumbling around in a huge bedroom (apparently, all of us kids slept in one massive room -- hip hip hooray for no privacy).

Suddenly, I was in the hallway of the wardrobe house at my summer job for the past four years. I was dressing Poppea and Nerone in L'incorazione di Poppea by Monteverdi. Honestly, I know NOTHING about the show (didn't even know Nerone's name until I looked it up just now... looking a little more, it might have been Ottone), nor is Glimmerglass doing it this year, so I have no idea why it was that show. I was fixing Poppea's dress which was long, straight cut, dark navy, slinky fabric with high slits. I also had to untangle her shoes because they had some thick rope tied through them. Then, Nerone came up to me asking me why he had an ace bandage with his costume. I told him that the costume designer probably forgot that a guy was playing the role (it was written for a castrato - would normally be sung by a woman these days - he was a countertenor). Then I looked up at his costume... no idea what the designer was smoking when (s)he designed the show... he was wearing a white blouse and a bright/medium blue mini-kilt. I think that shock was what woke me up.

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