Saturday, April 9, 2011

My week...

1. Got the "new" date for my wedding... I told 6a that I couldn't get married last Sunday because I didn't know where and what time. Of course, I'm not going to the school tonight at midnight (or was it this morning at midnight? They didn't say.) So, I still won't be married when Tuesday comes around again.

2. Vocabulary lessons looking over some 6a projects:
Doubt: when someone(1) founds someone (2) and it lives at someone(2) it helps it as it child. (I think they were looking for "adopt")
Longing: when something gets longer
Fancies: little fances (in Hungarian, this would be the logical guess)
Purr: The sound of a gun OR when a cat bit you, a little bit

3. I dislike conflict. There was some miss-communication at work, and I almost ended up not being able to go home next week. Thankfully, it's all sorted out and...

4. I'm going home (well to Toronto for my grandma's funeral in NY) in 5 days!! Not happy for the reason but really excited to be going!

5. I saw Bank ban last night at the opera. It was good. I wasn't blown away, but it wasn't as disappointing as Vespers was in January. Acting-wise, my favorite character was Tiborc, a peasant friend/helper of Bank's. He was really into his character and had more idiosyncrasies that made him believable. Melinda and Bank sounded great (especially their scene together in Act II where - in a nutshell - he curses their son, she begs him not to, and he relents). I felt Melinda could have been a bit more believable in her aria ("Ölj meg engemet, Bánk" or "Please kill me, Bank") during that scene. Yes, she was on the ground by his feet, but singing straight to the audience rather than to Bank was a little bit odd. Also, Gertrude must have been bloodless in addition to being heartless because when Bank stabbed her she didn't bleed even a drop on her white night gown -- strange. (Having worked at scrubbing stage blood out of cream colored duchess satin, this really disappointed me)

6. Spent another couple of hours on the trampoline with the kindy kids yesterday. Best moment... getting tackled by three little boys who decided that I was General Grievous (they were Anakin, (Luke), Obi Wan (Vader), and I'm not sure who the third was pretending to be).

7. I'm currently "bugging" Ss. Anthony of Padua, Gabriel the Archangel, and Matthew the Apostle (patrons of mail, post offices/postal workers, and customs officers respectively) hoping that a package comes before I leave for the States... if you want to bug them on my behalf that would be cool. Yet another reason I'm glad I'm Catholic!

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