Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning lessons the hard way

I've learned my lesson... I hope. Next time I get a horrible cough which keeps getting worse for two weeks, I will go to the doctor BEFORE it gets to the point where coughing fits leave me doubled over leaning on the wall. Before it gets to the point where my ribcage feels like it's been used as someone's punching bag. Before it gets to the point where the doctor says it's "definitely bronchitis, maybe pneumonia." Before the doctor sends me to the pharmacy to get 4 different drugs. Before I'm out of work for a minimum of 3 days (remains to be seen if I'll be back on Monday).

I have to admit, as miserable as all of this is, it definitely adds perspective. My whole life, I've been healthy. I've never had to deal with a serious illness or injury. Nothing truly awful has ever happened in my life. If bronchitis/pneumonia is the worst thing I need to deal with, then I've been living a pretty charmed life. And, even beyond that, this break is nice. Sure, I'd rather not be sick, but some extra rest is always good. Time to watch some movies, write some letters, and catch up on sleep that I've been neglecting lately isn't bad either.


  1. hang in there! I wish you a speedy recovery. When will you find out if it is pneumonia?? Please let me know if you need anything at all! Hang in there. And seriously?!? You wish you could go on the camping trip??? Are you crazy??? Thank your LUCKY stars... just kidding. Wish you were well enough to join us.

  2. Thanks, Deb, I'm working on it. I suppose I'll find out if it's pneumonia if it's not any better in the next few days and I go back to the doctor. I don't so much wish I could go on the camping trip as I really need to be building my relationship with the kids (maybe start gaining some small amount of respect...that would be nice). Anyway, I'm hoping it goes well for you!