Friday, February 25, 2011

I miss....

Probably borderline complaining... having been sick for almost a month and really missing some things from the States, I think it's not unreasonable.

I miss Buffalo Wild Wings... specifically those chicken wraps that come with all the extra crispy tortilla chips. Seasoned with a great conversation with close friends.

I miss Dairy Queen.... can't wait to get back and have a nice big blizzard with nuts and chocolate and who-knows-what-else.

I miss my friends.... being in the same time zone (or one hour different) and communication being something simple.

Which reminds me... I miss Oreos ... plus, this really isn't as cool as it looks on TV.

I miss American TV being easily accessible. Yes, watching Biggest Loser via skype with my sister, Miriam, is kind of cool... but it's not particularly convenient. Plus, next month when new seasons of my two "guilty pleasure" TV shows start it will be even more complicated.

I miss Denny's and Eat 'n Park and Kings ... especially for the concept of breakfast any time of day. And, along with that.. I miss fluffy pancakes and waffles with fruit sauce and/or lots of maple syrup.

I miss Pandora .. BUT not nearly as much now that I've been introduced to Grooveshark (which even has some advantages over Pandora -- a collection that includes Fr. Stan AND Dolhai Attila?! I can get behind that!)

I miss intense discussions over Cove cheesesticks (I realize that even if I was living in the States I would probably still be missing these)

I miss singing... both because it's a physical impossibility at the moment (and probably for over another month with bronchitis) and because I haven't had a voice lesson since May. Should be getting a list of voice teacher possibilities soon, but, until I've got a voice, it doesn't make much difference.

I miss hugs ... not a European concept :(

I miss well-celebrated English-language Masses ... I go to the Saturday English Mass because of the community. Maybe that's horrible, I don't know. The priest is so distracting... makes it seem like it's Fr. L's Mass not God's. The rest of the week, I go places where I have an easier time meeting Jesus but on Saturdays it's really hard to see Him. And, I wish I could go to the English Mass on Sundays but now that I've left I really can't go back without getting sucked back into the problems.

In a similar vein, I miss charismatic worship, especially when connected with Adoration .... yes, I've had my "difficulties" with CoGL (the community my parents are part of back home) and don't miss that at all, but I really miss things like iPraise at SVC or Fan into Flame or FOPs at FUS.

OK... I better stop before I get too deep into the complaining :(
Have to say, I'm still thankful for the things in the previous post. AND, I also know there are things I would really miss if I wasn't here. Two sides to every situation I suppose.


  1. my roommate is having her mom ship her oreos :D

    this post makes me thankful i'm only here for 4 months and not indefinitely! :\

  2. Haha... honestly, I love living here... just frustrated with being sick mostly.

    The funny thing about Oreos: I hardly ever eat them in the States. Just one of those "now that I can't have them I want them" things... hmm.. just like alcohol was the last time I moved from Hungary back to the States (I was 19 - legal here, not legal there).

  3. Culinaris sells oreos...
    I'm hitting up Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home from the airport. Not negotiable!!! I'm inspired now to write my laundry list of what I am missing :)

  4. I'm not surprised that Culinaris sells oreos. Honestly, I've never been. Plus, they're probably 2500ft for a package or something :( Somehow, I almost feel like that's cheating. Not sure that I'll be stopping at BWW on the way home from the airport but it will definitely happen when I'm home.