Monday, October 17, 2011

I wish

- that it wasn't absolutely necessary to own a car in this country (unless you live in a major city)

- that I wasn't dealing with major chemical imbalances at an already extremely stressful time of my life (thanks, ex-boyfriend ... appreciate it immensely) **Note, I am gradually going back to my standard dose... but it will take time for it to work it's way back into my system

- that I was a stronger person and could have just dealt with the chaos that was my former job.

- that God would just leave me alone if He's not going to help with anything.

- that praying didn't seem totally pointless.

- that I had something to do with my life other than sit like a huge useless blob on my parents' couch searching for cars which get sold before I can see them or are too far away from Nowheresville for my parents to drive me there or have broken emergency brakes which the dealer "forgets" to tell me about or are in some other way completely unsuitable.

- that I could actually believe that God has a plan and wants something good for my life.

.... I think next time, I'll just wish for something realistic... like a pony.

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