Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sorted out... I think?

I got an email from my credit card company warning me of suspicious account activity.

Well, I'm sorry that the conversion from Euros to Dollars and the fact that "Archdiocese of Madrid" was in Spanish made it look odd. I assured the automated message system (through g-mail phone calls -- a lifesaver! -- although I have to use my vpn to access that now) that I did, indeed, authorize such a transaction. Hopefully, that means it will show up on the WYD website in the next day or so and I can find out where I'm staying.

YAY for (hopefully!!) not sleeping on the streets of Madrid!

Also, I'm borrowing my friend Deb's backpack (she has an actual "backpacking" one) for the trip so that should be much easier to carry than my Jansport one... plus, I'll have a new backpack once I get to Madrid :)

5 Days!!!

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