Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prayers appreciated

Just a quick note with two rather important prayer requests regarding Madrid...

1. I checked on my registration this evening and it still has the payment pending... that's worrisome for two reasons - first, the fact that I've already bought my plane ticket and the second, while they are still taking registrations, as of this evening, you can't request accommodation anymore. I'm praying that it goes through and that I have a place to stay because sleeping on the streets of Madrid for a week is a little to exciting for me!

2. I had saved next week to finish all of my summer work which still needs a good bit of work. Now, I'll be scrambling to get it done in the next few days before I leave. I've procrastinated quite a bit because it's hard to be motivated after an experience like this.

Besides these worries (just a chance to trust God, right?) I'm super excited for Madrid!!

6 Days!!

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