Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Riiiight ... or not.

Apparently, I'm getting married on Sunday. Or so I was told by 6a this morning. I guess I'm glad they told me... otherwise I would have had no idea. It all started when F., one of the girls, asked (as she does many days) why I have a ring on my necklace. My usual answer of "because I'm not married or engaged" satisfied her about as much as it always does (ie. not at all). In a good mood after the Year 7s were excited by the movie clip we watched, I decided to throw her for a loop. So, I told her that I would probably be putting it back on my finger this summer... which is true, simply because in the States, wearing a ring on your right ring finger doesn't mean anything (here it's left hand when you're engaged and right when you're married... hence it being on my necklace). As I expected, this sent the girls into a tizzy. "Miss Rose is getting married! Miss Rose has a boyfriend!" was the big "news" in the class room. Despite my protestations that, in fact, I do not have a boyfriend, they persisted and then started trying to figure out who it was. Their guesses were beyond hilarious.

"Are you marrying, M.?" (one of the 6a boys) they asked.
"No" I laughed, "I won't even be friends with my students on Facebook, "I'm definitely not marrying any of them."
"Oh, so you don't like M.! M., Rose doesn't like you!" they exclaimed.

I don't have a problem with M., but if nothing else (and I could think of plenty more reasons), he's quite a bit too young. Nothing wrong with younger guys but, really?!, he's even younger than the guys my LITTLEST sister is interested in.

Then they decided that I was marrying B., one of the other teachers. To that I replied they should ask A. - one of their classmates - because he's B.'s son. Once it was established that I was not marrying B., they pressed on. The next suggestion was another teacher, B. (yes, a different one). That was just as crazy as the other two suggestions. But, because he's not 1. my student or 2. married, they decided it was "meant to be." Next thing I know, the board is covered with hearts and an invitation to my wedding, which is supposedly on Sunday. They didn't, however, tell me where or what time so I think I'm off the hook.

It was pretty funny, though, to share the "news" with my "fiance." He told me he's been married off to a couple of other people already.

Someone remind me why I go into the classroom before the bell rings.... I've got no idea.


  1. Deb... Those be fighting words! Better be careful... Sunday's coming awfully fast. :-D