Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flying North for the ... weekend?

I'm heading out to Sweden for the weekend with my friend, Deb. Really excited because I haven't been out of the country (except a day trip to Vienna) since I got here in July. We'll be in Stockholm from tonight until Tuesday evening taking advantage of the long weekend. March 15 is one of Hungary's three major national holidays commemorating the uprising against the Hapsburgs in 1848.

I've got lots to write about and promised myself I would actually write some of it before I left but it will have to be short as I'm out the door in half an hour :)

~~ After an awful couple of weeks, Mr. Bronchitis is giving up his hold on my life. This relinquishment is after going to the doctor on 5 different days and seeing 5 different doctors (although some of those I saw multiple times) and I'm almost finished with antibiotics round 4 (three different ones). I'm still coughing a little but my ribs no longer feel like a midget has been using them for a punching bag. I missed two full weeks of work (W-T worked W-F afternoon when I was sent home early and then out again M-F). Thankfully, I was back to business as usual this week. And not a moment too soon as I had no intentions of canceling this trip to Sweden.

~~This Tuesday was Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday ... and International Women's Day. I had never really heard of it before but it's a big deal in Hungary. The male teachers brought a huge bouquet of flowers for the staff room along with cookies, candy, etc. One of the Year 7 boys was giving chocolate to all the female teachers and the Year 5 boys got us miniature rose plants and carnations... it was almost overwhelming.

~~ Speaking of the Year 5 boys... I felt so old in class on Tuesday. They are writing pen pal letters to my little brother back in the States because he is also in 5th grade and I know his teacher well enough to twist her arm ;-) In his letter, one of the boys wrote asking if John had a girlfriend. At first I thought that was absurd but then I remembered some of the crazy crushes I had at that age... suffice it to say I am VERY glad none of them worked out. Not just for any later implications but even for the fact that I was more of a kid... I wasn't one of the middle school kids making out downstairs by the boiler room with a high school guy ... sure, at the time, I was jealous, but I'm glad my childhood (and that's what 11-12 year olds still are to a large extent -- children!) was free from that stuff.

Phew! A post with even a few minutes to spare... now to run to the store and grab some dinner stuff on my way to the airport ... and I'm off! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.. and, who knows, maybe actually get my act together enough to post them on here.

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