Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I wish I'd written ... and EXCITING ticket purchase

From "Redemption" by Karen Kingsbury (pgs108-111)
"Even if they were the only two in the room, he would have let her talk and then simply taken her hand. It was what he'd always done even back when they were kids. As if he didn't need her to fill in the missing places of a conversation because he already knew what they were.

They had been that close.

Long before she loved him and imagined that he loved her, Ryan had been her friend -- maybe the best friend she ever had.


They were two old friends whose grown-up lives had taken them in different directions.


Without saying a word, he came to her and wrapped his arms tenderly around her, pulling her into a hug that erased the years in a single instant. A combination of feelings consumed Kari's heart. She realized she was at once grateful for his friendship and brokenhearted at the distance time had placed between them. Here in his presence she suddenly felt the loss of him more deeply


She felt as if her heart had fallen from her chest, the same way she had felt on the roller coaster at the county fair last spring. The way she felt the first time she kissed Ry-- (OK, Karen, the roller coaster reference is a bit much!)


the way his presence had stirred a memory within her of a boy she'd once dreamed was her knight in shining armor. A boy she thought for sure she would marry.

Thoughts she'd long since assumed were dead."
Hmm... I was half afraid I would look at the publishing date and see 2005 or 2006 - thankfully it was older than that! I think that some hurts never really go away. They may heal but, just like an old physical injury might hurt when the weather changes, there is still a dull ache that surfaces from time to time.

Anyway.... I checked Dolhai Attila's website again today ... his upcoming performances were updated ... there were tickets available for Mozart! at the operetta theater for two weeks from tomorrow ... I bought one ... I'M GOING TO SEE ATTILA PERFORM --- LIVE!

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