Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Of the various websites which have sprouted up to leave comments about your day or life (FML, MLIA, LGMH) my favorite is GMH - Gives Me Hope. The stories there are short, one line, maybe a paragraph, about things that make the writer believe in the goodness of God, people, life around them. It's a great website to visit if you're feeling down or anytime really. I've often thought of things that I could post... although I never submit them. Here are a few:

A two-and-a-half year old boy helping his little girlfriend (two years old) climb to the top of the "mountain" in the kindergarten yard.

An elderly gentleman who grips the side of the pew to slowly and carefully genuflect when he enters the church.

The BKV officer that lets me through when I'm running down the stairs toward the metro rather than stopping to ask for my pass.

The four-year-old who might be a terror most of the day but will proudly count to 20 and tell you the colors of everything... in English.

A group of middle school students walking into my music class singing the song they were assigned to learn.

A city parish that not only is thriving enough to have 5 daily Masses but also has a Gregorian Chant Choir which sings at one of them every week.

The elementary kid who stops running in the hall when reminded by a teacher... even if it will happen again at the next break.

Bullet holes on buildings left to remind people of the horrors of war and why they should not be repeated.

The improbability of having a job I enjoy in a city I love.

Little everyday victories that prove my Hungarian is improving.

My friends who listen to me complain and worry and then offer support and understanding ... from thousands of miles away.

Perspective on how much worse things can always be.


My sister who randomly showed up in Budapest for the day yesterday... an ~8 hour trip - one way - to see me :-)

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