Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive

I've started writing blog posts a couple of times but things keep drastically changing before I get them published.

~~ Moved into my new apartment.. it's great, I love it. Couple of pics... living room, the high wall closet thing in my bedroom, YAY actual kitchen!!

~~ Officially passed CELTA!
~~ Am now working full time, three days a week at the foundation kindergarten in Pomaz just north of Budapest and the other two days in the upper elementary school teaching music and a couple of English classes. Just started the classes yesterday but they went alright. I never have to have another first first day of teaching! It's quite a variety: teaching both the absolute youngest kids and the absolute oldest kids in the foundation programs.
~~ I've had some visitors - Teresa came the first weekend in September. She ran the Budapest Half Marathon and I ran around chasing her (haha... well, on the metro and trams) to get some pictures. Last weekend, one of Teresa's friends, Martha and another girl Abby, came to visit Budapest. I had fun showing them some of my favorite places in Budapest -- and of course, some of the tourist spots.

In a nutshell, that's the last few weeks... there are plenty of crazy stories outside of the nutshell, message me or something if you want to hear some. Also, more pictures will be on Facebook soon :)

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