Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seeing people

Lately, I've been seeing people around that look like friends (or acquaintances) from the States. Waiting for the metro, in church, walking down the street, etc. They tend to be random people who I wouldn't be thinking of if not reminded by someone. I wonder if that means something. Usually, it's also people who would NOT be in Budapest (not that I would expect to see any one from back home randomly here). Just odd.

Along with seeing people that look like other people, I've experienced personalities that vividly remind me of friends from back home. One instance really got me thinking. I was talking to a coworker while waiting for and then riding the bus home from a Christmas party. I was struck, not for the first time, by how similar his personality is to someone who used to be a very close friend. Time is a funny thing. I couldn't help but wonder... how much of our relationships with people are solely dependent on when you meet them? In this instance, I'll never know for certain, but I would venture a guess that had I not met this particular high school friend until after high school, we would still be close. Of course, my high school experience would have been vastly different. In the end it's neither here nor there - water under the bridge. Just an interesting thought.

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